Lakeland is a city with charm. From Munn Park Historic District to our Frank Lloyd Wright’s architecture at Florida Southern College, we’re unique – and we’re proud of it. Lightning Pressure Washing proudly serves our Florida neighbors with pressure washing services that invest in your slice of Lakeland charm.

Create Curb Appeal in Lakeland

We know the difference between pressure washing and great pressure washing: and your property’s curb appeal knows the difference, too. Our team brings the best in professional service to our Lakeland neighbors with:

Pressure Washing

Our comprehensive pressure washing services bring out the best in your Lakeland property. We use innovative equipment to clean all your hardscapes, including your sidewalk, patio, pool deck, entryway, and more.

Window Cleaning & Pool Enclosure Cleaning

We get more sunshine than most of the United States – and we should enjoy it! Our streak-free window cleaning service brings out the best in every pane. With our purified water technology, we ensure that your glass surfaces are as they should be. Spotless.

Roof Washing

Our soft washing solution is your answer to black streak removal. It’s also the safer roof washing approach, and will never damage your shingles in the cleaning process. Consider it curb appeal… the safe way.

Before & After Pressure Washing & Driveway Cleaning In Lakeland, FL
Complete Paver Sealing With the right maintenance plan in place, your pavers should last – and look beautiful – for years. Our paver sealing service is a key part of that maintenance plan. We always use a three-step process that will keep your pavers clean, attractive, and well-protected: Paver Sealing Lakeland FL Check Icon Paver Cleaning We start with a pressure washing service. This removes dirt and other imperfections. It kills mold, mildew, and moss. And it leaves your pavers looking the way you want them to: curb appeal friendly. Check Icon Paver Joint Replacement Your pavers’ joints are packed with sand. Over time, the sand can become discolored and erode – and it’s our job to replace it. We remove the old sand and swap it with material that is attractive and durable. Check Icon Paver Sealing Finally, we seal your pavers. This protective coat keeps the qualities you like about your pavers in – and keeps the elements that could hurt it out. Our team uses a high-quality sealant that offers optimal protection against stains and water damage.

House Washing

We turn to soft washing once more for your house washing solution. This safe, low-pressure approach brings out the best Lakeland curb appeal without ever exposing your exterior to excessive pressure.

Gutter Cleaning

We remove debris and clear the clogs that make your gutters go south! With our professional and safe gutter cleaning solution, you can keep the ladders in storage – and know your home is covered when the weather is rainy.

We’re proud to live and work in Lakeland, just as we’re proud to bring the best curb appeal to your property. When you choose Lightning Pressure Washing, you know you’re getting results that are built to last.

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