Pavers are quality installations that can instantly add value to your property. However, as with any hardscape, they need some TLC every now and then. When pavers are left untreated, environmental contaminants will penetrate the surface of your installation, resulting in significant structural deterioration that requires costly repairs and replacements. 


You can prevent damage to your pavers with routine cleaning services from a specialist like Lightning Pressure Washing, along with regular resealing when required. With the proper seasonal care, your pavers can last for decades without the need for remodeling work. 


Moss Buildups and Weeds


Moss and weeds may gradually form in the gaps or joints of your pavers, slowly pushing them apart and distorting their appearance. Additionally, the shifts may create holes in the ground, which become tripping hazards. Professional pavers cleaning can help eliminate the overgrowth and keep your walkways safe for your property’s occupants and visitors. 


Routine Pavers Sealing 


Sealants provide your pavers with a protective coat against harsh weather, environmental debris, and water damage. It is essential to replace the coating every three to five years for maximum effectiveness. You might observe a slight discoloration of your pavers when a sealant runs thin. 

Additionally, for new installations, consider waiting for about 90 days before scheduling a sealant application, so you can effectively remove the white residue that may appear on the surface. 


Buildups on Pavers


Mold, mildew, and moss are common pollutants that make your pavers look ugly. You may effectively remove their stubborn buildups with the help of Lightning Pressure Washing’s sustainable and advanced cleaning solutions.


Specifically, it’s crucial to keep your installations mold-free, because inhaling mold spores may lead to health problems such as breathing difficulties and allergic skin reactions. 


Request a free estimate from Lightning Pressure Washing today and restore the pristine appearance of your pavers to leave a winning impression every time.