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Why Choose Lightning Pressure Washing?

Lightning Pressure Washing wants to give you the best experience you have ever had with a contractor in Lakeland. Here’s how we’ll do it… It’s a lot of simple things really. First, We Answer The Phone. If we happen to miss you, you can expect a quick call back.

We value your time as much as you do. We try our very best not to be late, and we stay in contact if we do happen to be running behind for an appointment. Anyone from our company that sets foot on your property Will Be In Uniform, Highly-Trained & Drug-Free.

If we wouldn’t let someone in our home, we are definitely not going to send them to yours. Also, We Will Provide Proof Of Our Business License & Insurance so that you can rest easy. Nothing to worry about here. All that’s left is to complete the washing job to exceed your expectations. You will be shocked at the results.

All our work is backed by our guarantee that you will be 100% Satisfied. If you aren’t, we will be back to clean until you are. The pressure cleaning is performed with professional equipment that allows us to work efficiently and with as little intrusion as possible so that you can go on about your day.

We Offer A Full Suite Of Pressure Washing Services

HOUSE Soft Washing

Lightning Pressure Washing can help with your house washing projects!


Is your driveway covered in slime & grime? We can clean your concrete & paver surfaces.

POOL Enclosure Cleaning

We can take your pool area from grungy and green to bright and clean!

Before & After Pressure Washing & Driveway Cleaning In Lakeland, FL

RUST Stain Removal

Do you have rust stains on your property? We can remove them as an F9 Applicator.

ROOF Cleaning

Extend the life of your roof with a safe, low pressure roof washing service.

FENCE & Other Cleaning

We even clean fences & walls of all types. Check with us for any other cleaning needs!

Here’s how we’ll do it

We answer the phone

If we happen to missed you, You can expect a quick call back.

Get A Free Estimate

Get a quick, free estimate for all of your pressure washing needs.

Cleaning, Accomplished!

We send uniformed, friendly technicians to take care of your property and provide a 100% guarantee.

Because Pressure Washing Is Our Specialty!

Pressure washing, power washing, pressure cleaning or exterior restoration: call it what you will but it is all we do. We feel that it is better to do one thing really well than to just do a mediocre job at a lot of things. Here in Florida, pressure cleaning is often an add-on service. There is also evidence of bad pressure washing work in almost any neighborhood you drive through. Who do you trust? We are that company.

We don’t just dabble in pressure washing as an extra service. It’s not a side gig
for us. Pressure cleaning and exterior restoration is our one and only service. We spend time researching better cleaning methods and equipment so that we can deliver the most electrifying pressure cleaning experience in Lakeland and Central Florida.

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Lightning Pressure Washing – Keep Your Home Sparkling!

Are you tired of looking at dirty siding, grimy sidewalks, or a discolored driveway? Have you tried scrubbing and cleaning these surfaces but to no avail? Look no further than Lightning Pressure Washing! Our team of professional cleaners uses the most effective method of cleaning, pressure washing, to make your exterior surfaces shine like new.…

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The Benefits of Professional Deck Cleaning

As a homeowner, maintaining the look and value of your property is essential. One area that people often overlook is the exterior of their house, particularly their deck space. Over time, decks can grow dirty and stained, which can impact not only the look of the deck but also its longevity. Fortunately, professional deck cleaning…

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Hire Lightning Pressure Washing!

At Lightning Pressure Washing, we believe every homeowner or property manager should have access to safe, effective, and affordable cleaning solutions for their property. Our team is dedicated to providing high-quality pressure washing services that enhance curb appeal, improve property value, and protect the health and safety of our clients and their families. In this…

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Pressure Washing and Spring Cleaning

It’s time to do some spring cleaning! Annual house washing is a great way to show your home some love and keep it in good condition, and pressure washing is the ultimate choice for clearing up your home exterior. Learn the benefits of a power wash spring cleaning and how Lightning Pressure Washing can help…

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Pressure Washing and Spring Cleaning

It’s time to do some spring cleaning! Annual house washing is a great way to show your home some love and keep it in good condition, and pressure washing is the ultimate choice for clearing up your home exterior. Learn the benefits of a power wash spring cleaning and how Lightning Pressure Washing can help…

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Springtime Pressure Washing Benefits

Pressure washing is challenging and requires a lot of attention. You need to clean your house regularly to avoid having a pile-up of dirt that can make cleaning even harder. However, an easier way to handle your exterior cleaning is to hire professionals to pressure wash it for you! Springtime is a great time to…

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Roof Cleaning With Lightning Pressure Washing

As the part of your house that shields you and your family from the weather, the roof is among the most crucial components many homeowners take for granted. However, with time, debris like algae, fungus, and cyanobacteria can accumulate, making it unclean and unattractive. It lessens the exterior curb appeal and may also harm your…

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5 Signs It’s Time for a Roof Cleaning

Your home’s roof is on the frontline of defending it against the ravages of the elements. But this role makes your roof vulnerable to deterioration – and replacing it can cost you thousands. Prolong your roof’s by scheduling a roof cleaning: here are five signs it’s time to do so. 1. Black Streaks You may…

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Why Do You Need Professional Gutter Cleaning?

When was the last time you cleaned your gutters? You probably don’t give this chore much thought, but dirty gutters can lead to unfortunate consequences when left unattended. Let’s take curb appeal, for instance. Dirty gutters alone look unsightly, but they’re also the perfect breeding ground for mold and algae. Professional gutter cleaning is necessary,…

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4 Professional Services to Keep Pavers in Top Shape

If you’re lucky enough to have pavers as part of your home or business landscaping, then you know that they require extra care and maintenance to keep them looking their best. Fortunately, there are plenty of professional services that can help with this. Keep reading for a rundown on some of the best ones. 1.…

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Freshen Up Your Property with Concrete Cleaning Services!

You can spend thousands of dollars and countless hours sprucing up your home’s interior. But if you haven’t done anything for the outside of your property, you won’t get the beautiful results you’re looking for. Want to make the most of your time and dollar in bringing new life to your home or commercial property?…

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The Power of Paver Sealing

Many homeowners delight in how versatile concrete pavers are to create patios, driveways, and walkways around their homes. However, without proper care and sealing, these paving stones can quickly lose their attractive appearance or become jostled out of place by encroaching on roots and plants.   In order to preserve the desired look of your…

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Paver Cleaning and Driveway Cleaning For Warmer Weather

With the advent of spring comes warmer weather, the start of baseball, and the beginning of spring cleaning — and paver cleaning and driveway cleaning should be at the top of your maintenance list!   Here in Florida, the weather can wreak havoc on your pavers and driveways. After a long weather season, these two critical…

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Spring Into the Season With Clean Gutters!

Spring cleaning season is upon us, but have you thought about cleaning the outside of your home? The experts at Lightning Pressure Washing will be busy over the coming weeks sprucing up the exteriors of many homes, and one of the most critical seasonal tasks in spring is cleaning out your gutters. Gutters can collect…

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It’s a Jolly Good Time of Year!

Welcome to the most jolly good time of year! After a very long 2021, it feels great to sit back and welcome the holidays. For many of us, this might be the first time in a long time where the season may feel a little “normal.”    That means it can go back to time…

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