With Orlando to one side and Tampa to the other, Davenport is as central as it is charming. Lightning Pressure Washing is your source for complete property services that bring the best to your Florida property.

Our team is proud to serve properties in the Sunshine State. And this means that we bring completely tailored service to your exterior – and lasting quality to match.

Take Curb Appeal to the Next Level

Your Davenport property deserves the best – and it’s our job to deliver it. Our specialists offer complete pressure washing services that invest in the quality of your exterior. We deliver exceptional quality in:

Pressure Washing

With advanced pressure washing equipment, we can tackle virtually any grime factor. Our technology is well-suited to address the cleaning needs of your pool deck, driveway, sidewalk, entryway, and more.

Window Cleaning & Pool Enclosure Cleaning

Capitalize on the Davenport sunshine with help from our experts! We offer window cleaning and pool deck enclosure cleaning services that bring “streak-free” and “spotless” to all your surfaces.

Roof Washing

With our soft washing service, your roof will be free of black streaks and last for longer. It’s an investment in your property’s curb appeal – but it also helps your roof endure for the long run.

Lightning Pressure Washing Truck
Is Your Roof Under Attack? Roofs in Lakeland and the rest of Florida present the perfect living quarters for algae, moss, and other mold. The worst culprit is a type of bacteria called Gloeocapsa Magma. It creates black streaks across your roofing – and as it eats the limestone in your shingles, it spreads. The result is ugly and dangerous. Without regular cleaning, this bacteria will deteriorate your roofing. Algae growth on the roof can lead to premature granule loss. It makes your roof to appear much older than it is, and it creates issues that cost money and take time to fix. No roofing material is safe from this kind of wear and tear: It affects asphalt roofing, slate, metal, and tile roofs alike. Here’s the good news. There is an alternative. A professional roof cleaning will restore the original appearance of your roof and keep it from declining prematurely.

House Washing

We use soft washing again to eliminate the stains and buildup that bring your home exterior down. With this approach, your property will look clean and inviting, and your home will have the quality that lasts.

Gutter Cleaning

When rain is in the forecast, our team has you covered. We deliver a gutter cleaning service that will keep your Davenport property protected no matter what the weather is like.

When you invest in property services with our Davenport pressure washing specialists, you’re getting quality care that lasts. But you’re also getting convenience. Enjoy a start-to-finish seamless experience with Lightning Pressure Washing!

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