Spring cleaning season is upon us, but have you thought about cleaning the outside of your home? The experts at Lightning Pressure Washing will be busy over the coming weeks sprucing up the exteriors of many homes, and one of the most critical seasonal tasks in spring is cleaning out your gutters. Gutters can collect plenty of debris and dirt over the winter, so spring is the ideal time to hire professionals to get them looking and working great again.

Why clean out your gutters?

Gutters stop working properly if you don’t have them cleaned regularly. They can block up, meaning instead of water draining away, it can damage your roof or even seep into your walls, causing rot.

Bacteria start to breed when dirt builds up in your gutters from rotting leaves or other debris. Alarmingly, even harmful bacteria such as E. coli can survive in a shady, damp gutter. This type of bacteria is spread by wildlife but is easily washed away via a proper cleaning service.

How do you prepare for gutter cleaning?

Just call our team and arrange the best time. If necessary, we’ll move any outdoor furniture and fully inspect your gutters to understand what cleaning or unblocking is required. We’ll even test the whole system once we’re done!

Need help with your gutters or spring cleaning any part of your home exterior or yard? Contact the expert team at Lightning Pressure Washing for advice and a free estimate.