Plant City

Nestled between Tampa Bay and wilderness preserves, Plant City is a beautiful place to make your home base. Lightning Pressure Washing delivers complete property care to our customers in this slice of Florida.

Make Curb Appeal Elevate Your Property

There’s pressure washing… and there’s exceptional pressure washing. We specialize in the latter. Our team invests in the best technology and professional development to ensure that your home or business is always getting the best. We offer one stop shop service in:

Pressure Washing

Our industry grade pressure washing equipment can tackle virtually any challenge. We apply our deep cleaning method to remove stains and buildup from your driveway, sidewalk, parking lot, pool deck, patio, entryway, and more.

Window Cleaning & Pool Enclosure Cleaning

We’re called the Sunshine State for a reason – and our property should capitalize on that! Using purified water technology, our technicians deliver an authentically spotless cleaning service that will make every glass surface streak-free.

Roof Washing

You can say goodbye to those black streaks thanks to our soft washing service. We eliminate buildup that actively degrades roofing quality. Your roof lasts longer and it looks better each and every day.

Plant City Power Washing
Plant City FL Ranch Front Deck

House Washing

With our soft washing service, your home exterior will be bright, beautiful, and welcoming. We use this to remove stains, kill organic growth, and promote the best curb appeal for your Plant City property.

Gutter Cleaning

Rain makes a visit to Plant City every now. We keep your gutters prepared by removing debris, clearing your downspouts, and addressing and problem areas. As a result, your home will be safe and ready to face any weather.

Your Plant City property is in for the best care when you put your trust in Lightning Pressure Washing. Experience the benefit of curb appeal and the peace of mind that comes with long-lasting quality. Make your appointment today!

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