The rumors are true: summer is out and autumn is in. And while for the Sunshine State that means just a little less sun and heat, the weather still takes a toll on our property.

But there’s a simple way to set your property up for success all the way through the rainy season. Our Davenport gutter cleaning solution is designed to help your home thrive no matter what the forecast.

3 reasons to celebrate your gutters

Davenport might be used to a sunny forecast most of the year. But we get our fair share of rain in the autumn and winter months. Gutter cleaning is one of the simplest ways that you can protect your home – rain or shine. With clean gutters, you get prevention from:

  • Flooding: If your gutters are clogged, rainwater doesn’t have anywhere to go except straight down. This means that your foundation is vulnerable to flooding – and serious deterioration, too.
  • Landscaping issues: When all that rainwater dumps into your property, it washes out your gardens, your landscaping, and even your lawn. It quashes all the time spent creating that beautiful outdoor space.
  • Mold (and more!): When standing water is allowed to remain, mold thrives. We keep this issue from creeping into your interior – and we also remove the habitat for mosquitos and other pests.

Map out your gutter cleaning plan

Here’s the good news: in Davenport, gutter cleaning is simple. Lightning Pressure Washing handles it all with our professional gutter cleaning solution. Simple give us a call, arrange an appointment at your convenience, and sit back. Our team is here to take care of the rest.

Gutter cleaning should be the most simple part of your home maintenance plan. Give our team a call today to help your property stay ahead of the game – and ready for any forecast!