When you first have a paved walkway, patio, or driveway installed, it likely looks beautiful and greatly enhances the curb appeal of your home. Unfortunately, over time and without proper maintenance, the weather and other factors can make your pavers look dirty and unsightly.


Additionally, pavers can become covered with moss and mold, grime, grease, and other debris. And those weeds that start growing through the cracks between the pavers can be a real pain too!

Thankfully, there is a way to restore your pavers to their pristine condition and prevent them from looking bad or deteriorating again. A professional paver sealing service that offers many benefits aside from just clean pavers.


Benefits of Paver Sealing

Many homeowners in Lakeland and surrounding areas opt to have a paver sealing service performed after having them cleaned. The paver sealing service will:

  • Greatly reduce the number of weeds and grass between pavers
  • Reduce the growth of moss
  • Deter ants and insects
  • Improve the color, brightness, and texture of your pavers
  • Reduce wear and deterioration
  • Reduce cracks and loose pavers
  • Make regular maintenance and routine cleaning easier
  • Help to repel oil, grime, grease, and other substances
  • Resist harsh weather

When to Have Paver Sealing Performed

It is recommended to have a paver sealing service done shortly after installation, but if your pavers have already been there a while, we recommended a power washing first to ensure a thorough clean, followed by the protective coat that is applied during the paver sealing.

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