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A fence, whether it’s wooden, aluminum or vinyl, is a major investment and one of the first things visitors and potential home buyers see when they arrive at your property. That’s why it’s essential to keep your fence looking fresh and clean. Pressure washing can clean your fence quickly and affordable.

Benefits of having your fence professionally cleaned

However, making sure your property has great curb appeal is just one of many benefits to having your fence professionally cleaned. Some others include…

1. Extending the lifespan of your fence

The average wooden fence costs between $1,700 and $2,600. Cleaning the dirt, mildew, and debris off of your fence can help it to last longer, meaning you’ll have to replace it fewer times while you own the house.

2. Being kind to the environment

Pressure washing your fence is less time consuming and avoids using harsh potentially-harmful chemicals, chemicals that will eventually find their way into your soil and the surrounding water table.

3. Increasing your home’s resale value

Having your fence professionally cleaned can boost your curb appeal and thus your home’s resale value, by as much as five percent, according to “Consumer Reports” magazine. In addition, good curb appeal means that potential buyers are more likely to call their real estate agent for a viewing rather than simply driving by your property.

How professional fencing cleaning works

Some wooden fences look so grey and green that you would think they are ready to be replaced. Aluminum fences can be stained and dingy and detract rather than add to a house’s appeal. At Lightning Pressure Washing, we can restore your fence to its original beauty and luster. Our friendly, experienced team will have your fence looking better in just a few hours. You’ll be surprised at the difference our pressure washing system will make to the overall look of your fence and your property.
To learn more about our pressure washing services in the Lakeland, Florida area and to schedule a free estimate, contact Lightning Pressure Washing at (insert contact info). We’ve been helping homeowners like you keep the exterior of their properties looking beautiful for more than a decade.


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