From bright green palm trees to the historic courthouse downtown, Bartow is a great corner of Florida to call home. Lightning Pressure Washing is your professional source for exterior cleaning care that will help your property put its best foot forward.

Our team believes in the power of property maintenance. It’s a way to maximize curb appeal – but it’s also a way to invest in the longevity of your home or business. And with a full suite of pressure washing services, we ensure that your property has the tools it needs for success.

Your Bartow Pressure Washing Expert

Your property isn’t the only one who deserves the best service – you do, too! That’s why Lightning Pressure Washing takes care to invest in the best technology and cleaning approaches for every facet of your property. This complete menu of exterior cleaning care includes:

Pressure Washing

We use cutting-edge pressure washing technology to bring a deep cleaning effect to your patio, pool deck, driveway, sidewalk, and entryway. 

Window Cleaning & Pool Enclosure Cleaning

Florida gets a lot of sun – and your windows should be a portal to that natural light! Get the most from your windows with the help of our streak-free guarantee.

Roof Washing

We deliver a soft washing service that removes black streaks from your roof. The result: longer lasting shingles and better curb appeal. 

Roof Cleaning by Lightning Pressure Washing.

House Washing

Our Bartow soft washing service is the only treatment your home exterior needs to look at its best and last for the long haul, the safer way. 

Gutter Cleaning

Rain? No problem. Our team safely removes debris, clears blogs, and prepares your entire gutter system for complete functionality.

We’re proud to work in one of the most beautiful parts of Florida – and our work reflects that! Lightning Pressure Washing is the only source you need for complete pressure washing and soft washing service in Bartow. Start with us – and let your property thrive.

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