For some parts of your property, there are multiple ways to tackle a cleaning project. But that rule doesn’t apply to roof washing. For your home’s uppermost layer, there’s only one method: Soft washing.

Whether your home in Lakeland has asphalt, tile, metal, or concrete, Lightning Pressure Washing adopts the same roof cleaning principle. We’ve been living and working in Florida for more than a decade – and we know how to deliver results that make a lasting impact and a positive difference.

Our soft wash approach to roof cleaning:

  • Doesn’t use high pressure, which could compromise the quality of your shingles
  • Removes black streaks and other stains
  • Kills fungi like mold, mildew, and algae
  • Restores the curb appeal to your roofing

All the benefits, none of the risk. For Lightning Pressure Washing, the roof cleaning solution for our Lakeland and surrounding Florida residents is easy: We will always choose soft washing to safely clean your home. The added benefit? You’re guaranteed to get the best results in the region. Safe and successful.