Pressure Washing for a Clean Exterior

In Florida, wind, rain, and tons of sun can all do a fair amount of damage to your property. Sure, spending hours in the sun feels great, but it can also lead to bleached spots on your driveway or uneven colors on your roof. Lots of rain may mean rust spots or weathered wood. Keeping your home in good repair is one way to help it increase in value, and that’s where pressure washing can help.

What Can Pressure Washing Clean?

Pressure washing can be used to spruce up pretty much any exterior surface. From your rooftop to the driveway leading down to the curb, a controlled spray of water is a great way to restore surfaces to a like-new condition. Low-pressure washing on roofs removes dirt and debris to extend the life of the surface. High-pressure washing on your driveway keeps it looking newly paves. Pressure washing can be used on a lot of surfaces including:
  • Driveways
  • Fences
  • Pools
  • Gutters
  • Roofs
  • Siding

Don’t Repair or Replace, Clean Instead

A dingy looking wooden fence line might have you reaching for your contractor’s number, but you’d be surprised at what a simple pressure wash can do. As long as the wood is in good condition, having the fence line washed may restore it to an almost new condition. That can save you hundreds, or possibly thousands, of dollars on an unneeded home repair.

Resurface or Clean and Reseal?

The same is true when you look at your pool or driveway. Built-up dirt and grime might make you think you need to repave, but that isn’t always necessary. Sometimes, a thorough cleaning can create a smooth and welcoming surface that is ready for a new coat of sealant.

Get the Gutters Going

Clean out your gutters to help reduce the need for cleaning in other areas. As long as your gutter system is working properly, it can funnel water away from your home. That dramatically reduces the amount of damage you’ll be looking at. Keep your gutters in good repair and arrange for regular cleaning for other exterior surfaces to keep your house looking like new construction, even decades after it was built.


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