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Invest In Your Property A professional house washing service has that “night and day” impact on a property. When performed by qualified technicians, you can expect preventative care and quality curb appeal that includes: Mold and mildew removal Dirt and debris removal Stain removal Over time, it’s inevitable that your siding may look a little rough around the edges. From mother nature to pollution, from general wear and tear to accidents, siding gets exposed to a lot. Our pressure washing specialists have the equipment to reverse that damage. Whether you’re gearing up to sell, rent, or just want to keep your home looking its best, our technicians offer the solution you can count on. Effective And Affordable House Washing “Pressure washing” is in our name – and it’s a process that we know a thing or two about. But for most home exteriors, we use a technique called soft washing to protect your siding. Professional equipment designed to bring out the best result High-caliber cleaners that remove everything from mold to dirt Industry-leading techniques that guarantee quality Professional expertise you can trust from uniformed, trained technicians

Freshen Curb Appeal for Spring

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Springtime was made for showcasing the finer points of a property. With the help of Lightning Pressure Washing, you can make this season the one where curb appeal shines. The Key to Curb Appeal Whether you manage an apartment complex or an office park, a few things hold true: Properties need regular maintenance The image…

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Clean Breezeways Retain Tenants

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A breezeway is the first thing your tenants see when they walk out their front door. It’s also a key part of the first impression of the place they call home. In two words? It matters. An Easy Win When you manage a multi-unit property like an apartment complex, you’re working with many tenants. And…

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lightning pressure washing truck after roof cleaning job

Roof Cleaning: Soft Washing vs Pressure Washing

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The term pressure washing can be a bit scary! Soft washing, however, is becoming a buzz word in the industry. What’s the difference? What is Pressure Washing? Often, pressure washing is linked to worn out paint, blown windows seals, destroyed landscaping and other possible damage. While pressure washing has a place for certain surfaces, it…

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lightning presssure washing truck post roof cleaning job

Florida Humidity & Your Roof

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Floridians take the brunt of southern weather jokes, but most of them are true! The humidity we experience can be truly epic; imagine being your roof! Day in and day out, the humid air feeds algae, bacteria, and fungal growth on your roof’s surface. Without a cold snap to kill off those spores, your roof…

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